San Diego Maternity Photography FAQs

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When is the best time to schedule my maternity session?

This is really dependent on your own preference and health concerns. While I personally recommend waiting until you are 32-36 weeks along, this will vary by how you are feeling and how big you want your belly to be. I’ve had moms come in as early as 28 weeks and moms come in as late as 39 weeks. The closer you are to your due date the bigger your belly will be but keep in mind that some moms experience swelling in the last trimester and may not feel their best the last weeks before delivery.

Do you provide hair and make-up for my maternity session?

We are happy to provide hair and make-up artistry for your maternity photography session at an additional cost. My hair and make-up artists know how to get you camera ready for the best and most natural results. Camera ready make-up is different from event make-up so if you are working with your own stylist please make sure you ask. Make-up with built in sunscreen should be avoided and shimmer highlighters should be discretely if used at all. Please email me for more details.

What about my nails?

For nails please consider a neutral and soft color specially if you have selected more than one of our maternity gowns. Nails photograph best when they are not the center of attention so please avoid bold colors and super long nails that can be distracting.

Do I need to bring my own maternity gowns or outfits to the session?

I have a nicely stocked client closet with beautiful gowns for you to choose from. Most gowns are one size and super stretchy so there is no need to buy anything new if you don’t want to. When we meet for your pre-session consultation, you will have the opportunity to browse and select what you will wear for your special day. We have a beautiful selection that includes glamour, casual chic, boho, and even implied nude.

Depending on the gowns you have selected for your maternity session, the following are some suggested items to bring:

• Nude convertible bra - Another option is Nude Stick Bras

• Nude underwear - a thong is ideal or a spandex type panty that does not show lines

• Spandex shorts - Spanx or similar shorts are also ok provided they are nude

• Undergarments that match the style of clothing you prefer - such as lacey black panties for black gowns that open, or boy shorts.

• High heeled shoes (for long gowns)

• On location please bring some closed toe shoes.

Do I need to bring any props to my Maternity Photography Session?

Our studio keeps accessories and props on hand for use in your session such as: baby crowns, flower crowns, baby tiaras, sashes, hair accessories, and flowers. Other suggestions of things you could to bring would be ultrasound photos, baby’s first booties, nursery items, and baby jewelry. It is also nice to incorporate other keepsakes that have meaningful value.

Should I get a spray tan before my maternity photography session?

While I understand the need to want to look your absolute best for your maternity portraits, I discourage any type of tan prior to your maternity session. Some spray tans end up blotchy or too orange creating more photoshop work than necessary to correct it. I encourage to stay out of the sun and if you’d like to look tanned during your session our hair and make-up artist can help you achieve the right look.

What do I need to do to prepare for my maternity session?

I’m not going to lie; maternity sessions can make you tired. You’ll be moving and posing in ways your body may not be used to. Therefore, it is important to have a good meal earlier in the day, eat lots of protein and stay hydrated. Also try to stay off your feet 1-2 hours prior to your session (this is a good time for hair and make up artistry). I also suggest that if your partner and/or children eat before the session. While I do offer snacks and drinks at the studio, I may not have their favorites so being prepared is best.

What should my partner and children wear?

Your partner and children who will be participating in the maternity sessions should wear complimentary outfits. This means clothes that compliment what you are wearing instead of an exact match. I suggest colors that complement the gowns you have selected and styles along the same lines, for instance if you have chosen a fancier and more formal gown then I expect your partner in a similar style. Likewise, if you are going to go more casual, than your partner can also be simpler in their clothing i.e. jeans. Please avoid clothing with logos or distracting prints. We suggest avoiding shorts for partners or children so that we can focus on the posing and less on what they are wearing.

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